• Walter the Farting Dog

    Walter the Farting Dog (from the book series) will delight and amuse children young and old. Give him a big hug or a little squeeze and he farts. Safe for all ages, hilarious for all ages.

  • Light-Up Faux-Hawk

    If your youngsters want to have the most hair-raising look, this fabulously funky neon faux-hawk is just what they have been looking for. Wear front to back or side to side, perfect for Halloween or crazy hair day at school.

  • Treehouse For Kids

    All kids dream about having a treehouse in their backyard and you can’t get better than this. Kids will love playing in this full-sized, realistic treehouse with a slide, windows, balcony, trapdoor and so much more!

  • Volcano Making Kit

    Can I have this for my science project at school? I can use it to demonstrate what causes volcanoes to erupt. This could be put on the list of materials that I need to make. I just need baking soda and vinegar to go with it. If I can have this, I guarantee, I can get an “A” on my science project. I will do my best on it.

  • Remote Control Fart Machine

    Kids of all ages will love to embarrass friends, and family just by pressing a remote button and setting off one of 15 different vibrant, natural fart sounds!   Simply hide the little speaker, then, from up to 100 feet away, press the included remote.  The possibilities are endless and the laughter will never stop.

  • BunkBed Slide and Tent

    This is the coolest bed ever!  It comes with a tent that we can have sleepovers. Plus it has a ladder to climb up to get in the bed and  a slide so that when it is time to get up for school I can wake up by having lots of fun.

  • Star Wars Force Glove

    Is the Force with you?  With the Star Wars Force Glove your kids will discover they have the power to control the Force .  With a quick twist, change the magnetic polarity and use the Glove to control the Force push or Force pull with the included  Trade Federation Droid. Includes fun and Informative learning guide.

  • Smart Planet Piano Mat

    It’s a big piano mat like in the movie Big! We can play on it and make music with it and it plays different instruments and I can play with my friends and you can play with it too and we can have fun and someday maybe I would be a famous musician because I had this piano mat!!

  • Marshmallow Shooter

    I can shoot marshmallows at people and it’s fun and it won’t hurt anybody. It’s really easy to pull and push so that it shoots and it has a rapid fire ability. Best of all, it can go in the dishwasher to clean it!

  • Handheld Brass Telescope

    Have any kids that are geniuses at science, or any technical elective? Do they often have thoughts of studying astronomy, or astro physics when they go to college? This telescope would be a great way to get them started in those career choices. This home made brass telescope is only $14, where other places may charge thousands.

  • Turtle Constellation Night Light

    This turtle is a night light that makes stars on my ceiling. I can lay in my bed at night under the starry sky and I won’t be scared at all. It will be like a magical night in my room and I won’t have any trouble sleeping at all!

  • World’s Smallest Solar Car

    The solar car would be a good christmas present for those kids who have a high ambition for remote control cars. This solar car would be a way to save money for batteries and has the ability to help the child excel in math and science. It will teach the basics of how solar energy works. It would also be a good tutoring tool.